Digital media has made companies to move away from delivering monologues to engaging in a meaningful conversation completely changing the relationship between brand and buyer. So companies now need to be more human in the process as they focus on creating conversations about shared values.

Marketing needs emotions to work. Fact. Whether it drives people to feel happy, sad, scared, or angry, it needs to make them feel something. And genuinely! And video is the perfect way to do this. We help you leverage this stream and powerfully communicate your brand story to the potential customers.

45% of people watch over an hour of YouTube videos each week. How can we make it count for you? Not only is such video content easier to produce, it also aligns with the authenticity and narration consumers want today. So we use real stories from real people to give your youtube channel, more power and brand recall.

Old-school advertising tricks don’t work anymore. Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on digital advertising. The reality is that we now live in a digital and consumer-run world where brands need to speak the digital language. With expertise in digital and social media marketing, we help you successfully cross over to the digital platforms.

SMS marketing has defied expectations and continues to be a strong marketing tool as an average person looks at their phone 150 times per day. SMS messages are opened by 98% compared to Facebook news feed stories that are opened by 84%, tweets by 71%. Clear and creative messages through SMS or whatsapp deliver strong ROIs as 90% of SMS is read within 3 minutes and we are also able to confirm the view status of a whatsapp message.

Database Marketing? Isn’t that obsolete and ineffective? Studies show that traffic from database marketing campaigns has an average conversion rate of 4.29% as compared to 2.93% from direct marketing campaigns. We provide a differentiated email campaign with dynamic content which is personalized and also optimized for mobile devices, followed by seamless phone/personal interactions.

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